Cyrus Ngo’o

Directeur Général, Port Autonome de Douala, Cameroun


Mr. Cyrus Ngo’o who has been the Managing Director of the Port Authority of Douala since the 24 of August 2016 is a seasoned and well crafted technocrat whose academic credentials and professional experience are proportional to the challenges of the port.
Mr. Ngo’o who graduated from Cameroon’s prestigious National School of Administration and Magistracy (popularly known by its French acronym as ENAM) as a Civil Administrator in 1999 completed his multidisciplinary academic career with an MBA from the University of Quebec, Canada.
Since joining the Cameroon Public Service upon graduation from ENAM, Mr. Ngo’o occupied several strategic positions in some government Ministries like the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (2000 – 2003) and the Prime Minister’s office (2005 – 2016). He has equally headed several commissions that were created by the Cameroon government to handle specific investment projects in the country. One of such projects is the construction of the Kribi deep seaport in the South of Cameroon to complement the Douala port as the country’s turbine engines for development. Before his appointment as Managing Director of the Port Authority of Douala, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for many years. He has made a thorough blend of his professional experience and academic credentials to articulate his vision for the port of Douala around “A New Impetus”. This New Impetus targets the attractiveness, performance and competitiveness of the Douala port. And the uncompromising experience here is to maintain the Douala port as “a pole of reference at the gulf of guinea”.