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Serge Le Guellec

President and General Manager, Transport Desgagné Inc, Quebec, Canada


Mr. Le Guellec holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering (Royal Military College of Canada), a Master’s degree of science in Project Management (University of Hull, Quebec, Canada) and a Master’s degree in Aerospace Vehicle Design (Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK). A former uniformed member of the Canadian Forces, Mr. Le Guellec has worked in turn in the defence, aerospace and maritime transportation industries, first in engineering specialist roles and, later in his career, in project / program management and senior management roles. As a result, he possesses a unique mix of experience in aerospace engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, project / program management and, lastly, general management.
As the President and General Manager of Transport Desgagnés inc., Mr. Le Guellec is responsible for the technical management of a varied fleet of tanker vessels, bulkers, general cargo / heavy lift and cargo / passenger vessels. As a senior maritime transportation industry executive, Mr. Le Guellec is a strong advocate of safety as well as the protection of the environment, explaining in public forums those applicable regulatory frameworks, procedures and best practices the maritime industry follows to first prevent an incident from happening and, should it become necessary, those emergency protocols and procedures to be enacted in order to minimise the impact and consequences of a given maritime accident.