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Benoit Montreuil

Coca-Cola Chair in material handling and distribution / Director, physical internet center / Director, supply chain & logistics institute / Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, USA.

Toward Smart Hyperconnected Transportation and Logistics: The Impacts on Ports and Port Cities

In this presentation, we focus on the expanding the conceptualization and roles of ports, port authorities and port cities as freight transportation and logistics embrace the emerging smart hyperconnected Physical Internet era.
We frame the evolution of expectations from industry in terms of seamlessness, fluidity, efficiency, speed, reliability, multimodality and scalability.
We highlight the ever more importance of interconnecting ports with and into the hinterland, as well as with other ports around the world.
This includes physical, digital, operational, business, legal and personal interconnectivity.
We emphasize geographical and supply-chain perspectives; the former through the emergence of multi-tier world pixelization and multi-plane multimodal logistics web; the latter through consumer-focused omnichannel supply chains and through automotive supply chains.
We synthesize the key drivers and challenges for ports and port cities.


Dr. Montreuil is leading the International Physical Internet Initiative, engaging academic, industry and government leaders worldwide into research and innovation projects on smart, hyperconnected and sustainable logistics, supply chains, transportation, businesses and regions. His main research interests generically lie in developing concepts, methodologies and technologies for creating, optimizing, transforming and enabling businesses, supply chains and value creation networks to thrive in a fast evolving hyperconnected world.