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Barbara Fluegge

Founder, Digitizing Ecosystems, Switzerland

Connecting Everyone – A power offering for the port ecosystem

Digital Ecosystems – Fostering the Circular Economy Principles for Future Growth Onsite. The key objective in any of the following profiles of an ecosystem is the following. Being a rural area or a small town, a grown city or a brand new mega city, a production dominated hub or a conference key location all named ecosystems – and others – seek ultimately to create a self-sustaining environment. Self-sustaining ecosystems are capable to outperform competition through circular supply chain fulfillment and manage resource consumption intelligently for their population and guests. They are capable to withstand incidents and intrusion – being of economic, criminal or unexpected nature. To connect the consuming with the producing, the demanding with the supplying interests, a well-functioning ecosystem is key in which the participants mutually agree on creating an environment of excellence. The design principles for the Circular Economy are only deployable if we are able to (1) achieve to allocate premium stakeholders not only physically, but digitally, to (2) optimize resource usage, to (3) invest in reusable components and innovation, and to (4) strengthen the economies of local, yet rural and regional hubs. The presentation is covering questions about the ideal path and digital elements that facilitate this transformation.

How the subject will be covered:
a. Introducing the key elements of the Sustainability Goals 11 and 12 on Sustainable cities and communities in conjunction with Responsible consumption and production;
b. Highlighting the key trends;
c. Deriving the challenges for ecosystem participants and influencers;
d. Providing use cases and illustrations;
e. Identifying digital elements to leverage the successful transformation into a circular economy driven ecosystem as for example a city (smart, digital and connected), an event location, a research campus or a rural area that face limiting access and reach even more in the future
f. Finalizing / Introducing real cases


Barbara is an entrepreneur, networker, ecosystems specialist, innovator, initiative leader, book author and editor as well as asenior director – the latter one with SAP. She founded the Digitizing Ecosystems Initiative in 2016. She consults businesses and governmental organizations and entire ecosystems. Barbara has an extensive experience in various industries, local, small and international markets.  She is also a painter of contemporary art.