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Randy Hollingworth

Vice President / Partner / Director of Urban Design, Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Miami, USA

Creating a new urban waterfront for the Port Tampa Channelside District

In 2015, Bermello Ajamil and Partners, Inc. (B&A) was approached by Port Tampa to develop a Master Redevelopment Plan for 45 acres of underdeveloped Port land on the Tampa Downtown Waterfront. Although the site represented the largest undeveloped land parcel on the City’s growing waterfront, a majority of the site consisted of surface parking lots and underutilized cruise terminals. The Port’s primary goal for the plan was to develop a Master Plan which would  create value for the Port while responding to changing market demands, the needs of the Community and an evolving Cruise Industry in the Tampa area.
Following an intense analysis of the site, the adjacent urban areas, future cruise industry growth in the region and almost 50 meetings with stake holders, B&A produced the Tampa Channelside Waterfront District Master Plan,  a plan which successfully responded to a wide variety of interests and met the goals and objectives of the Port.
The Tampa Channelside Waterfront District Master Plan  is strategically designed to create a world-class waterfront for the City of Tampa. Implementation of the plan will allow residents of the areas surrounding the sites to access the waterfront, enjoy world-class public open spaces, access new restaurant and retail venues and enjoy the benefits of living in a more vibrant and attractive setting. The Plan will offer new residential, retail and lodging opportunities, which will open the waterfront for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors.
With the extension of specific streets to the water and into the District, opportunities to relieve traffic congestion will occur as vehicles will have more options within the improved street network. Westward into the existing Channelside District and beyond, opportunities to tie into the improved street network, provide the City of Tampa even further opportunity for cohesive development and connection to the waterfront.
Introducing a network of various public open spaces connected by pedestrian ways within the Channelside Waterfront District provides network options for people on foot and bicycle to traverse the area. With complementary uses activating these open spaces, the area will become a hub of ‘green activity’ highlighted by these world class open spaces. As the City of Tampa moves forward, just as the street network within the area will improve, there are opportunities for the connection of public open spaces to happen starting within the Channelside Waterfront District, radiating out into the surrounding areas.
By planning these connections to prioritize urban design along the waterfront, the City of Tampa will be able to create a comprehensive, city-wide network of parks and open spaces, further reducing the dependence on vehicles within the urban core. This will parallel the concept of developing the area to allow and encourage a wide range of mobility options.
In addition to the development of the Master Plan, the Firm has also developed a complete set of urban design guidelines that will shape the urban fabric of the District while allowing for a natural growth of the district. The intent of the plan was to not “CREATE A PROJECT” but rather provide the framework for a dynamic redevelopment of the area in response to community needs and market demands.


Mr. Hollingworth has consulted on the redevelopment of waterfront projects around the world. From the creation of new  urban waterfront centers in Dubai to redeveloping Seattle’s waterfront, he has worked on a wide range of urban waterfront projects integrating the many aspects of waterfront developments into new urban centers. Mr. Hollingworth obtained his Master’s in Urban Design Degree from Harvard  and his undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph, Ontario. During his more than 30 years consulting as an Urban Designer, he has  worked to create vibrant and economically viable urban waterfronts. Mr. Hollingworth has successfully integrated Urban Design, Planning and Landscape Architecture into all of his projects.