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Daan Schalck

CEO, North Sea Port, Ghent / Terneuzen, Belgium / Netherlands

Industrial sustainability in an internationally merged port

The best of both worlds…
The merger of the port of Ghent and Zeeland Seaports, two ports located at both sides of the border, leads to new collaboration opportunities. We already see this in high-level EU subsidy schemes, where North Sea Port is seen as an important partner in cross-border industrial projects, down to local initiatives such as the Dutch industrial platform ‘Smart Delta Resources’ that welcomes more Belgian partnerships. The steppingstone was already years ago with the interest of Belgium and the Netherlands in jointly building a new lock in our port area. As North Sea Port is now representing one port area and one economic delta, the opportunities are huge. We align the ‘sustainable development goals’ of the UN, the goals of the Paris agreement and the sustainability goals of our two nations with bottom-up industrial initiatives. Together with our companies and stakeholders we can create smarter partnerships on e.g. green hydrogen for industry and mobility applications, underground pipelines, shore power as a service etc…


Daan Schalck was born in 1963 in Ghent, Belgium. After his studies at Ghent University he started his career in 1988 in the drinking-water sector. Between 1995 and 1999 he was adviser for economy and ports to the responsible alderman in Ghent. Between 1999 and 2004 he was a member of the Belgian Federal Parliament. He specialized in public enterprise and mobility. In 2004 Daan Schalck made the change-over to the private sector and started working with Ernst & Young. However, the port scene continued to captivate him. In 2007 he became general director of the company responsible for the regional zoning policy on the left bank of the Scheldt for the port of Antwerp. In June 2009 he returned to his native city as CEO of Ghent port. Until today, Daan Schalck is also president of Flanders Mobility Council, the strategic advisory board of the Flemish regional government. After the merger between Ghent Port Company and Zeeland Seaports he became co-CEO of North Sea Port.