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Maurice Jansen

Senior researcher and business developer, Erasmus University, department Urban Port and Transport Economics (UPT), Rotterdam, The Netherlands


I would like to briefly introduce myself and explain a bit of my background. I was born, raised, living, studying and working with the port of Rotterdam in my backyard. I graduated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam as Master of Sciences in Business Administration (1997). Since then, I have dedicated my career to the transport industry, starting at KPMG Transportation & Distribution and subsequently took on a position as consultant at UTi Worldwide, a global supply chain management company.
From 2007 until mid-2012 I headed the Netherlands Maritime University of applied sciences, part of the education institute of STC Group, a knowledge institute focused on education and training for the ports, shipping, transport and process industry. In 2013 I successfully organised the Pressure Cooker ‘Ports and Maritime’ event, a co-creation event between business, education, government where students, lecturers and professionals engaged in a three-day problem solving event on 7 challenges surrounding the main theme: ‘Connecting’. Recently, engaged in research, development, education and innovation in relation to port strategy and transportation. Recently I have been pioneering with the Living Logistics Lab, a new educational proposition of open learning communities, where business, education and research institutes meet each other in learning experiences and experiments.
Since January 2017 I have taken the next step in my development and started as senior researcher and business developer at Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics. I am currently engaged in a PhD study on partnerships in the context of the port-city interface. For me conducting both action research while simultaneously developing learning experiences for students and professionals is an enriching experience and offers me the opportunity to continuously improve my learning abilities. As an educator, I believe the best way to bring knowledge to other people it to engage in the knowledge process myself.