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Quebec, CANADÁ 11-14 de junio de 2018

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lunes, 16 julio 2018 Smart mobility, smart logistics, smart ports: towards a smart future

The opportunity to attend and participate in the last AIVP Conference in Quebec, Canada was an extremely useful and important tool for my present and future experience as a professional of the port field. It gave me the chance, not only to review essential concepts regarding ports and cities, but also to learn more about […]

lunes, 25 junio 2018 My observations on Training, Learning and Creativity, My Education @AIVP 16th World Conference Cities & Ports, Quebec City, Canada, 12-15 June 2018

Last week I participated in a team of reporters with whom we facilitated and moderated 6 main themes relating to challenges port-cities are facing. On the last day in my role as reporter I summarized the theme on Training, Learning, and Creativity, My Education in the Next Generation Port-City as follows: 1) The Next Generation […]

lunes, 25 junio 2018 My Top 10 Observations – @AIVP Global Port-City Conference, Quebec City, Canada, 12-15 June 2018 #quebecAIVP

I had the honour and great pleasure to be a ‘rapporteur’ at AIVP’s 16th World Conference Cities & Ports – ‘Next Generation‘ in Quebec City, Canada. I led on theme 2 – “Healthier, greener: my port city environment, Next Generation” – with Marie-Ève Lemieux, Environment Compliance Coordinator, Port of Québec. In listening to inspirational presentations in parallel […]

martes, 29 mayo 2018 Port City Cultures: Building Resilience

The close engagement between water and land, between ships and buildings, between people and long-distant trade gives port cities are particular spatial character. The beautifully detailed historical maps collected in the city atlas and edited by Georg Braun and engraved by Franz Hogenberg in the late 16th century show how ships entered the heart of […]

jueves, 24 mayo 2018 Next Generation Port-citizens – a renaissance for both port and city

A new renaissance for port-citizens The sensation of us standing on a pivotal moment in time is omnipresent. I heard it at the kick-off of the World Port Sustainability Program, a global initiative where some 1,000 ports have signed a declaration to contribute to the sustainable development goals. It also happened in London, where the […]

martes, 22 mayo 2018 Port Cities: Connecting the World

« Cruising into the city » – a marketing headline we recognize in the cruise business quite well. The routes we choose as passengers depend on a number of criteria. While cruising from one culture and geography into another, we seek excitement and the maximum user experience. Driven by our own preferences, our emotions too […]

viernes, 11 mayo 2018 Balance in all things, including Port Governance (part 2)

At a recent Energy in Transition Summit in Rotterdam, the President of Europe’s largest seaport, Allard Castelein, pleaded for establishing high CO2 emission taxes throughout North-West Europe. This, he argued, will create a level playing field for competing ports, and will stimulate investments in cleaner logistics and production. He also criticized the Dutch government for […]

miércoles, 9 mayo 2018 Vers une collaboration des parties prenantes villes-ports plus bénéfique ?

The emergence of the expansion mindset Port managing bodies and the cities located near or around them often have long, common histories of joint economic and social development. For a number of ports, this has been extensively documented by researchers in economic and social history. Often, port development, through mostly outward expansion projects has led, […]

miércoles, 2 mayo 2018 How smart are smart port cities?

Making sense of the digitalisation hype to the benefits of society. A day does not go by that we are not reminded of the benefits that digitalisation has brought to society. We can navigate our cities using mobile phones, travel paperless, read the news from countries on the other side of the planet and communicate […]

lunes, 30 abril 2018 Balance in all things, including Port Governance (Part 1)

The Government of Canada has recently embarked on a review of the nation’s largest ports, including consultation on their governance. As academics who study port cities, we’re recommending that they consider rebalancing the governing board of Canada’s largest ports to give more voice – and a greater stake – to local interests, including municipalities, first […]

miércoles, 18 abril 2018 Le renouveau vert de l’activité industrielle des ports européens

Dans l’image conventionnelle des ports, il y a les quais, les engins de manutention, les petits et grands navires. Il y a aussi les cheminées fumantes des unités industrielles et les torchères des raffineries dans la nuit. L’industrie portuaire est le fruit d’une histoire commune à l’Europe, à l’Amérique du Nord et au Japon, lorsque […]

lunes, 9 abril 2018 La métamorphose des villes portuaires en villes-monde

« Dans le port d’Amsterdam, y a des marins qui chantent… », chantait Jacques Brel. Chantent-ils toujours dans chaque port ? De villes portuaires ouvertes sur le monde, elles se sont métamorphosées en villes-monde, voire même en pays. Les villes prennent une place incontournable. Les ports, lieux stratégiques par excellence multiplient la connectivité au-delà de […]



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