Next Generation

16th World Conference
Cities and Ports

Quebec City, CANADA
June 11-14, 2018

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In Quebec, let’s shape the NEXT GENERATION of port cities and answer to human aspirations




30 years
AIVP anniversary

With the “crossovers” theme debated in Rotterdam in October 2016, AIVP, the worldwide network of port cities, showed that new bridges are being built between cities, ports, and their partners. To mark AIVP’s 30th anniversary, in Quebec in June 2018, we invite you to explore in greater depth the challenges and solutions adopted by successful port cities.

Next Generation

Port cities and human aspirations

Our societies and our environment are undergoing change at a pace and on a scale never before seen in human history. With over 80% of global trade and some nine billion tonnes of goods passing through them, port cities are set to be at the crossroads of traffic in goods, data and people for some time to come. The challenges facing those looking to shape the port cities of the future are considerable. To meet them, AIVP believes that it is increasingly vital to ensure that the strategies adopted take account of people’s aspirations. Human beings need to be restored to their rightful place as essential partners for city-port development, paving the way for the ideas and tools to enable controlled, harmonious growth.

Environmental challenges, the emergence of new skilled jobs, the diversification of activities, the rise of the blue economy, and City/Port governance, all demand more of our port cities: more collective intelligence, more respect for the planet, more flexibility, more innovation, more proximity, more transparency, more inclusiveness, more well-being…

Citizens are taking up full and active roles in the City-Port ecosystem and its daily life, as well helping to shape its future. They want to see a range of thematic areas allowing them to:

  • Enjoy quality of life focused on the river and sea
  • Adapt their skills constantly
  • Live in a healthy environment that respects nature
  • Experience and understand the port city
  • Live in harmony with the port
  • Contribute to the growth of the blue economy
  • Co-construct City/Port decisions
  • Enjoy smart mobility thanks to optimised City-Port traffic management
  • Access new modes of consumption
  • Benefit from the City/Port circular economy
  • Protect themselves against environmental and social risks.

Contribute to the conference!

Ambition and expected attendance

In Quebec, the 16th World Conference Cities & Ports will bring together the entire City Port community, including port authorities, local government authorities, research centres, businesses, associations, national governments, and more. All will be there to share their experiences and forward-looking visions. Your different contribution proposals will allow us to put together the various conference sessions, workshops, Port City Labs and exhibition boards.

Submit an abstract

Proposed contributions should be submitted until monday 21 December 2017, using the online form provided on this website. Under the supervision of AIVP’s General Management, they will then be put before the conference rapporteurs, all drawn from the international scientific community and AIVP’s network of professionals.

Contributions should focus on one of the thematic areas identified by AIVP, designed to meet the aspirations of the citizens living in port cities. They must include a title, abstract and list of keywords, and may be in French, English or Spanish.

AIVP will inform contributors whether their submission has been selected by wednesday 31 January 2018.

After the submission process is complete, the authors of the selected proposals undertake to:

  • provide their final contribution in French, English or Spanish
  • grant AIVP non-exclusive rights to distribute their contribution via any media, before, during and after the conference
  • attend the conference in person from 11 to 14 June 2018, and to pay the related  “Contributor” registration fee (€350 for university academics, €850 for professionals).

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Building on Rotterdam 2016 outcomes

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